Local Comp Rules


  • Team Shirts - All players shirt must be matching with numbers . There will be no exchanging of shirt on the sidelines. Each incorrect shirt will result in 1 try awarded to the opposition


  • Shorts/TIGHTS - Only Official Oztag shorts/tights may be worn 


  • Casual players

  • 10th July 2020 As a result of COVID 19 there are no casual players permitted


  • Fill ins - If a player is found on the field that is not a registered player with your team then game points will be forfeited.

  • 10th July As a result of COVID 19 No Fill ins are permitted 


  • Belts - No Belts can be worn in a senior game unless there are no shorts available for purchase. In this case shorts worn must not have any pockets and be of a safe length to wear. This is the admins discretion.


  • Footwear - Football boots are reccomended, runing shoes can be used, No metal Studs can be worn


  • Player/Spectator standards - Abuse of referees and or an Official will not be tolerated. If this occurs on the field the referee will follow due process. Should abuse occur after a game or towards any Admin member you may be asked to leave the fields and not return (BLACK CARDED)


  • Send off - Anyone sent from the field will recieve an automatic 2 week suspension from ALL local comps. The suspension may be appealed however to do so it will incurr a $250.00 fee that is non refundable. All appeals must be made to QLD Oztag in writing within 7 days of the incident. The suspension may be increased based on the reason for the send off.

  • Additional player Can NOT be added to your team after week 6 unless they are replacing an injured player that was injured at Oztag proof of this must be on our records ( the injury reported on the night that it occurs)
  • Forfeits-  All teams must notify Townsville Oztag of a Forfeit prior to 5pm. If no contact via text or phone call prior to 5pm your team will forfeit 3 competition points.