Local Rules

  • Team Shirts - All players shirt must be matching . There will be no exchanging of shirt on the sidelines. Each incorrect shirt will result in 1 try awarded to the opposition


  • Shorts/TIGHTS - Only Official Oztag shorts/tights may be worn 


  • Casual players - Casual players are welcome however all players must fill out an individual rego form and pay $10.00 per game played. The opposition must be asked if they can play and it is their final decision. This needs to be done prior to kick off. Fills ins can NOT create a sub for the team.


  • All fill ins must come to the admin desk and recieve a fill in card after payment has been recieved. If a player is found on the field that is not a registered player with your team then game points will be forfeited.


  • No Belts can be worn in a senior game unless their are no shorts available for purchase. In this case shorts worn must not have any pockets and be of a safe length to wear. This is the admins descretion.


  • No metal Studs can be worn


  • Abuse of referees and or an Official  will not be tolerated. If this occurs on the field the referee will follow due process. Should abuse occur after a game or towards any Admin member you may be asked to leave the fields and not return(BLACK CARDED)


  • Send off - Anyone sent from the field will recieve an automatic 2 week suspension from ALL local comps. The suspension may be appealed however to do so it will incurr a $250.00 fee that is non refundable. All appeals must be made to QLD Oztag. The suspension may be increased based on the reason for the send off.

  • Additional player Can NOT be added to your team after week 6 unless they are replacing an injured player that was injured at Oztag